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How To Create a Social Media Strategy

Updated: May 29, 2021

Social Media

What is Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy is an outline of business goals you wish to achieve through social media. It includes your content, the approach to achieve goals and analyzing the strategy. The more specific your strategy is, the better your results.

What Social Media Channels To Use?

There are a lot of Social Media Channels to connect with the audience. It is advised to understand the objective of the social media channel, the audience category it attracts and the potential reach one can get.

Number of users on Social Media 2021

As per DataReportal, around 4.33 billion social media users are active at the beginning of 2021.

Steps To Create a Social Media Strategy

1. Build Consumer Persona

The first and most important step is to build a buyer persona. A buyer persona helps you identify your ideal customer. Your buyer persona should look like a real person.

To take an example, a buyer persona should include the following:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Occupation

  • Language

  • Characteristics

  • Buying Capacity

  • Interests

  • Social Media Preferences

Remember, you must identify how your business can help your customer, what are the problems customers face while buying.

2. Identify the goals you wish to achieve from social media channel

Each social media channel has a reach of different types of audience. Understanding your objectives will help you align them with social media channels.

Make your goals in the S.M.A.R.T. way





Time Bound

“We will use Instagram to create brand awareness and increase our followers by 30% by the end of this month.”

3. Identifying Metrics

Correct Metrics to keep track of your performance is necessary. Focusing on your Key Performance Indicators would help you stay in tune with your strategy.

Here’s a tip: Use tools like Google Analytics, Insights on social media pages to

understand your traffic better.

4. Competitor Analysis

To get a complete understanding of how your competitors are performing and what content is expected is a great way to strategize your content. Learn from your industry and also innovate. Remember you do not want to create a copy of a competitor's social media pages.

5. Content Strategy

Once done with the analysis, create a content strategy. This should include the content you want to offer to your audience. It can have a proportion division which covers

  • Informative content

  • Engaging content

  • Brand promotion

Creating a Content Calendar would make your social media strategy easier. Plan your

content for the month in advance. Analyze the time your audience is most active and

share your content accordingly.

6. Evaluate and Repeat

It will take a few attempts to understand which strategy works the best for your page. Which brings us to the last step, Analysis. Track the results from posts, stories, videos, ad campaigns and use social media insight tracking to understand the engagement and progress. Keep building and growing.


Having a right Social Media Strategy can work wonders for your business. These steps would help you build a strong presence on social media. Although, one can always take professional help that would not only build social media strategy keeping your goals and objectives in mind but also provide expert advice to help you reach the right audience.

Oswal Consultants brings you a B2B platform where you can find various Service Providers who can help you professionally. Reach out to them here.


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