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  • Adesh Oswal

Legal and General Obligations, a Company needs to prepare for before Pandemic

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Intensify Communications and Hygiene - For Legal and Practical Reasons, A company is liable to provide information to its employees regarding the current scenario and the employers must implement measures to reduce the risk of Workplace Transmission.

Evaluate Leaves and Pay for their employees -

A business may not be required to pay an employee during a period of extended leaves or absenteeism due to the employee being in a area of transmission yet they should as they would not want the employee to return to work pre-maturely and infect others.

To Stay Informed -

Stay up to date on officially recommended and mandated actions in the applicable Jurisdictions to avoid Lawsuits in the future.

Plan for a Worst Case scenario -

A company should be prepared in advance for a Succession Planning plan in advance for the Key decision makers. Employers should also be prepared in advance for legal requirements in cases of Layoffs and Furloughs.

Protect Employee Data -

An employer should know what employee data can be attained legally from them to understand more about their susceptibility to a current pandemic to avoid Potential Legal Lawsuits.

Protect Discrimination -

An employer needs to make sure that there is no discrimination against certain employees in relation to returning at work based on their caste, sex or race and and that their decisions are factual to avoid any potential Lawsuits.


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