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  • Adesh Oswal

Some tips on how Managers can support Remote Employees

1. Have structured Daily Check Ins - The Employers need to establish a structure for daily check ins with remote employees to ensure the employees are updated with the company.

2. Provide opportunities for remote Social Interactions - Some Video Conferences can be organised and virtual Tea parties or Lunches can be sent to employees homes as a part of employee engagement.

3. Offer Emotional Support to employees - Work from Home can lead to employee stress and anxiety as they may start feeling out of the company or they might find it difficult to manage their personal and corporate life. Sessions regarding Mental Health should be conducted and an option of one to one interactions with the Human Resource representative should be arranged.

4. Provide several Communication Technology Options - Different types of softwares like Emails, Whatsapp for Business, Skype for Business, Zoom, Hangouts should be available for the employees to avoid communication gaps at all.


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