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Daur - era of connecting ideas to people

DAUR as an organisation has always believed in generating impact and gathering communities through culture-oriented communication practices. DAUR has very specifically emphasised over creating connections, communities, and conversations in all areas of the marketplace.

About the company

We sell the problems we solve, not the product.
Our vision is to work in a way that not only helps us but also helps society in becoming better... To create online as well as offline communities in every niche possible through the power of creative minds and innovative technology. To bring the world a little closer by building communities. We focus on creativity and innovation in everything we do, in pushing each other’s limits and believing in what we put out. Our style is divergent and unconventional. We choose to take the more unorthodox way, looking at and doing things with a dash of quirk. Our mission is to build communities and connect people who have a genuine inclination towards any form of art. Our main motive is to take brands and make them into BRANDS, giving them their own identity. We believe that everyone and everything, from a person to an organisation, has the potential to come into their own and become something great. To get our clients as many opportunities as possible, enhance and improve those opportunities is what we love to do. Pushing aside the entrepreneurial mindset, our intent is to showcase and project the next-gen leaders.

Services offered

Digital Marketing
We create and measure digital strategies, implement impactful campaigns to help your business succeed online and beyond.

With a strategic approach, we will create a long-term action plan to maximize the impact of your advertisements.

We help our clients' products and services communicate to their most relevant audience effectively through online mediums.

Social Media Marketing
• Social media strategy • Social media management • Social media moderation • Live moderation • Social media audits • Social media research • Paid advertising campaigns • Campaign management • Ad creation • Mobile Marketing • Omni-channel strategy • Channel / Platform management

Search Engine Optimisation
• Website optimisation • SEO strategy • SEO audits and benchmarks • Reporting • Product integrations • SEO Audits

SMS Marketing
SMS marketing is a marketing channel that allows us to message customers with marketing messages through SMS. Quick, easy and convenient, we can send out large bulk SMS all at once with the click of a button.

Mobile App Marketing
It is about user interaction through entire lifecycles — from when they first hear about your app, to when they become a loyal and regular user of it.

Search Engine Marketing
It is internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results, mostly through paid advertising.

Email Marketing
It is a strategy that is based on sending emails and developing relationships with prospects and customers. It can convert prospects into customers and turn first time buyers into recurring customers.

Pay-per-click is a channel where you don’t pay for ad placement, but for each time a user clicks on the ad. A significant amount of traffic is driven to the website and it is precise.

It’s not always easy to know what your next play should be. That’s where we will help you. Whether you want to assess your current digital performance, validate a product idea, or define your strategic roadmap, we’ll dive deep into your business, speak to your customers, and take you on a collaborative journey to help you meet your goals.

We help our clients' products and services communicate to their most relevant audience effectively through online mediums.

User research & testing
Customer experience audit
Competitor reviews
Technical audit & strategy
Persona development
Roadmap strategy
Maximize lifetime customer value
Reputation management
Image and brand management

Content Marketing
We know how to tell stories online. We will work together to create these stories, deliver them in the most appropriate format and share them with the right audience. It might be a blog, an influencer campaign, or a video series. Content marketing tasks we can perform for you:

Editorial strategy
Content creation (written and visual)
Content distribution

Lead Generation
A potential customer, interested in your product or service is your lead. Lead Generation can be broken down into different marketing activities that correspond with the customer’s buying journey, so they can create traffic on the business’ website; convert the visitors into leads, and then finally convert those leads into their customers.

Website & App Design & Development
Don’t let your website be just another URL on the web. We can help it be a powerful marketing medium to attract prospective customers.

A website is the reflection of your brand and leaves a huge impression on your customer. We make sure you have a super impression on your clients

Administration and Management
Development (out of the box)
Website Redesigns and Migrations


A-42, Govindpuri, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474011, India

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